Disputes Not Included in the Informal Complaint Procedure

The Oversight and Safety Division's Informal Complaint Procedure does not include complaints regarding mineral rights and royalty issues. The Informal Complaint Process is designed to address complaints about the transportation of natural gas through gathering systems and intrastate pipelines. These can include purchasing, selling, shipping, transportation or gathering practices, depending upon the agreement between shipper and transporter. 

The Texas Legislature has given the Railroad Commission of Texas specific and limited authority to regulate the oil and gas industry in Texas. Areas over which the Commission has no authority include lease and royalty matters (including leasing, payment of royalties and the right to receive royalties), the financing of or investment in oil and gas activities, landowner and easement issues, and bankruptcy and noise issues.

Although the Commission lacks jurisdiction over private legal matters, see additional information on Oil & Gas Exploration and Surface Ownership and royalties FAQs.