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Oil & Gas Proposals for Decision and Orders

Please Note: This is an ongoing project and Proposals for Decision and Orders are being added daily.

Please continue to check the site for additional documents. 

Rule 7 Strata to be Sealed Off
Rule 8 Water Protection
Rule 9 Disposal Wells
Rule 10 Restriction of Production of Oil and Gas from Different Strata
Rule 11 Inclination and Directional Surveys Required
Rule 12 Directional Survey Company Report
Rule 13 Casing, Cementing, Drilling, and Completion Requirements
Rule 14 Plugging
Rule 15 Surface Equipment Removal Requirements and Inactive Wells
Rule 21 Fire Prevention and Swabbing
Rule 23 Vacuum Pumps
Rule 26 Separating Devices, Tanks, and Surface Commingling of Oil
Rule 28 Potential and Deliverability of Gas Wells To Be Ascertained and Reported
Rule 31 Gas Reservoirs and Gas Well Allowable
Rule 32 Gas Well Gas and Casinghead Gas Shall be Utilized for Legal Purposes
Rule 34 Gas to be Produced and Purchased Ratably
Rule 36 Oil, Gas, or Geothermal Resource Operation in Hydrogen Sulfide Areas
Rule 37 Statewide Spacing Rule
Rule 37 and 38 Spacing and Well Densities
Rule 38 Well Densities
Rule 39 Proration and Drilling Units: Contiguity of Acreage and Exception Thereto
Rule 41 Application for New Oil or Gas Field Designation and/or Allowable
Rule 46 Fluid Injection into Productive Reservoirs
Rule 49 Gas-Oil Ratio
Rule 50 Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects--Approval and Certification for Tax Incentive
Rule 58 Certificate of Compliance and Transportation Authority; Operator Reports
Rule 73 Pipeline Connection; Cancellation of Certificate of Compliance; Severance
Rule 76 Commission Approval of Plats for Mineral Development
Rule 78 Fees and Financial Security Requirements
Rule 86 Horizontal Drainhole Wells
Rule 95 Underground Storage of Liquid or Liquefied Hydrocarbons in Salt Formations
Rule 97 Underground Storage of Gas in Salt Formations
Rule 101 Tight Gas Formation (NGPA Applications)
Rule 106 Sour Gas Pipeline Facility Construction Permit
Annular Disposal
Commission Called
Default Final Orders (Individual orders from a Master Default Order)
Enforcement Actions, Protested
Field Balancing
Field Consolidation
Field Rules, Adopted (New, Amended and Temporary)
Good Faith Claim Review
Maximum Efficient Rate (MER) of Production
Mineral Interest Pooling Act
Overproduction, Cancellation of
P-4, Cancellation of (Severance of Lease)
P-4 Transfer of Operator
Productive Acreage
Proper Operator
Revocation of Plugging Extensions
Show Cause
Suspend Allocation Formula
Unitization and Secondary Recovery
UFT-Unconventional Fracture Treated

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