Voluntary Cleanup Program

The Voluntary Cleanup Program (RRC-VCP) provides an incentive to remediate Oil & Gas related pollution by participants as long as they did not cause or contribute to the contamination.  Applicants to the program receive a release of liability to the state in exchange for a successful cleanup.

The RRC-VCP utilizes an application process with an initial $1,000 application fee which is applied to the costs associated with staff oversight of the cleanup.  Due to changes in state law, a surcharge of $1,500 will be added to all applications effective 1 May 2012. For more information regarding the surcharges, click here.

When cleanup is completed, the RRC will issue a Certificate of Completion which embodies the release of liability to the state for a participant (and subsequent owners) who did not cause or contribute to the contamination and acquire the certificate by fraud, misrepresentation, or knowing failure to disclose material information.

The Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) encourages all parties interested in the RRC-VCP to consider applying. Questions about the RRC-VCP should be directed to:

Voluntary Cleanup Program
Site Remediation Section
Oil and Gas Division
Phone: (512) 463-6765
Email: SR-VCP-BRP@rrc.texas.gov.


Application Form VCP.1 ("Fill in" pdf format, v. 4.0, 15KB)

Agreement Form VCP.2 ("Fill in" pdf format, v. 4.0, 15KB)

Note: When using fill-in forms, download the form to your hardware before filling it out. After completing the form, please print and mail to the address designated.

Current VCP & Brownfields Sites:

Map of VCP and Brownfield Sites/media/1005/icon-pdf

List of VCP and Brownfield Sites


How to Evaluate RRC-VCP Sites for Presence of Historical Oil & Gas Wells (pdf format, ver 4.0)

Press Releases:

Cleanup Program Helps Nueces County Develop Former Oilfield Site Into Mall (August 4, 2008)

RRC's Voluntary Cleanup Program Helps Corpus Christi Company Prepare Former Oilfield Site for Veteran's Cemetery (Oct. 26, 2006)


NOTICE TO GEOSCIENTISTS:  Please be advised that Professional Geoscientists seals are to be provided as required by law on reports submitted to the Site Remediation Section.

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