Reapplication for an Expired Drilling Permit

As a part of the Texas Oilfield Relief Initiative, effective December 5, 2016, operators may reapply to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) a new drilling permit for a permitted well that was not spudded before the original drilling permit expired. Operators can reapply online using the RRC Online System or by submitting a hard copy request letter to the RRC.

This new process allows an operator to reapply for a new drilling permit and retain the original API number issued to the proposed well.  Along with this new functionality, if conditions on the lease/unit have not changed, the operator may choose to reuse certain documents provided with the original application, such as the plat or Form P-12, Certificate of Pooling Authority.

Email questions regarding the reapplication process to RRC at or 512-463-6751.

How to Reapply

Operators may reapply by submitting a request to the RRC via:

  • RRC Online System; or
  • hard copy request letter if the original application for the expired permit was submitted in hard copy.

RRC Online System

Any application filed using the reapply feature in the RRC Online System (under Drilling Permits) will be validated against current statewide and field rules. Additional information and attachments may be required to process the application request. It is the operator’s responsibility to provide the required information and attachments for an application request if not included as part of the expired permit’s supporting documentation.

Hard Copy Request Letter

If the original application for the expired permit was filed as a hard copy application, the operator must submit a signed hard copy request letter to the RRC for reapplication. To ensure the efficient processing of the reapplication, include the following items in the request letter:

  1. Operator name, P-5 address, telephone number, and contact person;
  2. Permit number of the expired New Drill, Recompletion or Re-enter permit (Purpose of Filing cannot be modified when you reapply.);
  3. API number assigned to the expired permit;
  4. Whether the processing of the reapplication will be regular or expedited processing;
  5. Exceptions requested to either Statewide Rule (SWR) 37 (spacing requirements) or SWR 38 (density requirements); and
  6. Request to use the original supporting documentation** filed with the expired permit. (If requested, documents that will be automatically associated are the Plat, Form P-12, Form P-16, and Form W-1A.)

** If the original plat did not provide GPS coordinates for the surface location of the well, provide a plat that includes this information. The RRC will accept NAD 27, NAD 83 or WGS 84 coordinates. A Service List or waivers that were required to resolve a SWR exception for the expired permit cannot be used for the reapplication. Service Lists and waivers require current, up-to-date contact information.

Along with the request letter, submit the applicable oil and gas fee payments and surcharges that cover the depth fee, any exception fees, and expedited processing (if desired).

Submit the request letter, any supporting documentation and applicable oil and gas fee payments and surcharges to:

Railroad Commission of Texas
Drilling Permits Department
Oil and Gas Division
P.O. Box 12967
Austin, Texas 78711-2967