In observance of the Thanksgiving holidays, the Railroad Commission of Texas will be closed Wednesday Nov. 25 through Friday Nov. 28, and reopen for business Monday Nov. 30.

Registration, Certification and License Search

Conduct a search for registered plumbers and air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) contractors, certified individuals, registered transport units and licensed companies.

The search features on this webpage were formerly available at

Use the following PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets to:
  • verify registered Master and Journeyman plumbers or ACR contractors;
  • verify certified individuals;
  • determine continuing education due dates for certified individuals; and
  • determine when inspections are due for transport units registered with the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Master and Journeyman Plumbers and ACR Contractors: PDF or Excel

Certfied Individuals: PDF or Excel

Registered Transport Units: PDF or Excel

Use the following PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets to look up companies licensed with the Commission. Please see the License Categories links to the right for an explanation of these categories.

Category A PDF
Category A1 PDF
Category A2 PDF
Category B PDF
Category C PDF
Category D PDF
Category E PDF
Category F PDF
Category G PDF
Category H PDF
Category I PDF
Category J PDF
Category K PDF
Category L PDF
Category M PDF
Category N PDF
Category O PDF
Category P PDF
LPG Categories Excel

Category 1 PDF
Category 1A PDF
Category 1B PDF
Category 2 PDF
Category 3 PDF
Category 4 PDF
Category 5 PDF
CNG Categories Excel

Category 15 PDF
Category 20 PDF
Category 25 PDF
Category 30 PDF
Category 35 PDF
Category 40 PDF
Category 45 PDF
Category 50 PDF
LNG Categories Excel

You may use the find feature in either Adobe (PDF) or Excel (spreadsheet) to locate a specific person, company or transport unit. The find feature in Adobe can be opened using Ctrl + F or through the Edit menu. The find feature in Excel can be opened using Ctrl + F or through the Home menu.

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