Oil and Gas Hearings Docket Type Codes

To search the Oil and Gas Hearings files by type of docket please use the following codes:

CodeDescription of Docket Type
ADA Annular Disposal
AFR Amend Field Rules
A14 Administrative Exception to Statewide Rule 14(b)(2) related to Plugging
A37 Administrative Exception to Statewide Rule 37 related to Spacing
A41 Administrative Oil and Gas Discoveries
A69 Administrative Out of State Sale of Gas
A86 Administrative Exception to Statewide Rule 86 related to Horizontal Drainhole Wells
BAL Field Balancing
CDA Century Doctrine Application
CFU Carry Forward Underproduction
CMP Complaint Hearing
COP Cancel Over Production
CPP Coproduction Project Authorization
C78 Facility Closure Cost Determination
DEN Establishment of an Entity for Density Purposes
EFS Reclassification of Field Status to Exempt
ENF Enforcement
ENH Enforcement Hearings
FDC Field Consolidation
FRL Field Rules
FTR Field Transfer
GOR Net Gas-Oil Ratio Rule
H2S Exception to Statewide Rule 36 related to Hydrogen Sulfide
IAT Immediate 'At' Allowable
INW Inactive Well Requirements (Statewide Rule 15)
LBK For Adoption of One Month Look Back ...
MER Most Efficient Rate of Production Hearing
MIP Minerals Interest Pooling Act
MIS Miscellaneous
NCA Exception to Statewide Rule 39 related to Contiguity of Acreage for Proration and Drilling Units
NFD New Field Discovery
NGP Natural Gas Policy Act (NGPA) Application
OFC Use of State Funds for Pollution Site Cleanup
PAC Productive Acreage
PFC Proper Field Designation
POH Proper Operator Hearing
PPH Proper Plugging Hearing
PPP Proper Pluggings
PSF Plugging with State Funds
RAT Allegation of Non-Ratable Takes pursuant to Statewide Rule 34
REV Revocation of Permit / P-5
RFR Review Field Rules
RMB Reimbursement of State Funded Plugging or Clean-up
RMK Rulemaking
RPP Reclamation Plant Permit
R10 Exception to Statewide Rule 10 related to Downhole Commingling of Oil and Gas
R11 Exception to Statewide Rule 11 related to the Requirement of Inclination and Directional Surveys
R13 Exception to Statewide Rule 13 related to Casing, Cementing, Drilling, and Completion Requirements
R14 Exception to Statewide Rule 14(b)(2) related to Plugging
R15 Statewide Rule 15 related to Surface Equipment Removal Requirements and Inactive Wells
R16 Required Filing of Well Log
R21 Exception to Statewide Rule 21 related to Fire Prevention and Swabbing
R23 Exception to Statewide Rule 23 related to Vacuum Pumps
R24 Exception to Statewide Rule 24 related to Check Valves
R26 Surface Commingling Hearing
R27 Exception to Statewide Rule 27 related to Surface Commingling of Gas
R28 Exception to Statewide Rule 28 related to Potential and Deliverability of Gas Wells
R32 Exception to Flare Gas Order
R37 Exception to Statewide Rule37 related to Spacing
R38 Exception to Statewide Rule 38 related to Well Density
R41 Oil and Gas Discoveries
R46 Statewide Rule 46 Injection Permit (Fluid Injection into Productive Reservoirs)
R48 Statewide Rule 48 related to Capacity Oil Allowables for Secondary or Tertiary Recovery Projects
R50 Qualification of Enhanced Recovery Project
R52 Application for Lease Allowable for ...
R55 Exception to Statewide Rule 55 related to Gas Wells Commingling Liquid Hydrocarbons before Metering
R6P Multiple Completion pursuant to Statewide Rule 6
R61 Exception to Statewide Rule 61 related to Refinery and Gasoline Plants
R69 Out of State Sale of Gas
R73 Gatherer Pipeline Disconnect
R74 Underground Hydrocarbon Storage
R76 Qualified Subdivision Plat
R78 Application Pursuant to Statewide Rule 78 related to Fees and Financial Security Requirements
R8P Statewide Rule 8 Permit pursuant to Water Protection
R83 Application Pursuant to Statewide Rule 83 related to Tax Exemption for Two-Year Inactive Wells and Three-Year Inactive Wells
R86 Hearing for Exception to Statewide Rule 86 related to Horizontal Drainhole Wells
R9P Statewide Rule 9 Disposal Permit
R94 Application for Disposal of NORM Waste
R95 Storage of LPG or NGL in Salt Dome/Cavern
R96 Storage of Natural Gas in Depleted Reservoir
R97 Storage of Natural Gas in Salt Dome/Cavern
SAF Suspend Allocation Formula
SEV Severance of P-4 Authority
SHO Show Cause Hearing
SOA Salvage Oil Application
SPA Special Allowable
SUP Supercede Previously Entered Enforcement Order
S56 Exception to Statewide Rule 56 related to Scrubber Oil and Skim Hydrocarbons
TGS Appeal of Denial of Approval Pursuant to Statewide Rule 101 related to High-Cost Gas
UFT Unconventional Fracture Treated
USR Unitization and Secondary Recovery
103 Marketing Previously Flared or Vented Casinghead Gas
106 Application to Construct a Sour Gas Pipeline Facility
38D Exception to Statewide Rule 38(d)(3) related to Unit dissolution
49B Multiple 49B Rule related to Gas-Oil Ratio
7A8 Exception to Statewide Rules 37 and 38 Without Hearing
7H8 Exception to Statewide Rules 37 and 38 Hearing
7H9 Exception for Statewide Rules 37 and 39
78G Application to Reduce Amount of Financial Assurance

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