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News Items - 2024

  • Texas Oil & Gas Regulator Supports House Republican Vote to Repeal Biden’s LNG Export Ban

    February 15, 2024

    In January 2024, the Biden Administration announced a pause on permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. In response to this pause, it was announced that the U.S. House of Representatives would be voting on H.R. 7176, the Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act (Rep. Pflueger, TX-11), which would repeal the Biden Administration’s ban on new LNG export projects. Following the news, Texas Railroad Commission Wayne Christian said the following:

    “U.S. LNG is life-saving energy to our allies, and I don’t know about the president, but I’d much rather have the world buying American natural gas over foreign or hostile nations,” said Commissioner Christian. “President Joe Biden’s politically motivated pause on new LNG export projects hurts consumers, Texans’ jobs, slows the U.S. economy, makes energy more expensive, and jeopardizes the lives our foreign allies.”

    “H.R. 7176 will put pressure on the Biden Administration to remove their political and unnecessary blockade on LNG export projects which are vital to Texas, America, and the world. It’s a great bill, and I applaud Rep. Pfluger and House Republicans for fighting back,” continued Christian. “If America cuts off LNG shipments, it will allow China, Iran, and Russia’s influence to grow. Our nation should be THE global energy leader – not through unreliable and heavily subsidized “green” energy – but through the responsible production and export of oil and gas.”

    To read the letter click here.

  • Christian: Biden’s LNG Policies Leave Americans with Higher Costs & Our European Allies in a Deadly Situation

    January 26, 2024

    Following news that the Biden Administration would effectively pause new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian said the following: 

    “Texas natural gas is saving the free world, and President Biden wants to end it. His administration’s pause on new liquified natural gas export (LNG) plants may recklessly endanger European lives, many of whom are facing a harsh winter with less access to life-saving energy,” said Commissioner Christian. “Europe came to rely on unreliable wind/solar energy too much. Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the destruction of the Nord stream pipeline, and Europe’s justified ban on Russian gas, many European nations scrambled to provide reliable energy to save their citizens through importing LNG, burning wood, and reclassifying natural gas as a “green” energy source. But American LNG stepped up for our allies in their hour of need, with 20% of our LNG exports going to Europe. But this new pause could put those European citizens right back winter’s deadly, cold grip this season.”

    Christian continued, “This move by the Biden Administration is just the latest in a long line of actions to dismantle American oil and gas production and does NOT eliminate emissions. It simply exports them to dirtier and more hostile producers overseas. President Biden will always choose his climate catastrophist friends over increasing fossil fuel production to lower energy costs—for Americans and our allies.

    Anti-energy policies by the Biden Administration and the woke left will decrease human flourishing and lead to death. Our energy strategy should be benefiting mankind by increasing production of our domestic fossil fuels and exporting that reliable energy.”



    Previously, Commissioner Christan sent a letter to President Biden urging him not to move forward with the pause on new LNG project.

    A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected as our 50th Texas Railroad Commissioner in November 2016. Prior to his time at the Commission, Christian served seven sessions in the Texas House of Representatives, accumulating a strong record of standing for free markets and against burdensome regulations. Christian is married to his wife, Lisa, and together they have three daughters, Liza, Lindsey and Lauren. You can learn more about Chairman Christian here.

  • Texas Oil & Gas Commissioner Slams Biden Administration’s Pending Decision to Cap US LNG Exports

    January 24, 2024

    Austin – Recent media reports revealed that the Biden Administration is considering a pause on permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. Following the news, Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm criticizing the potential action and encouraging them to grow LNG exports to support America’s allies abroad.  

    “America becoming energy dominant again – like in 2019 – is the key to restoring global order, and that starts with a strong LNG export industry,” said Commissioner Christian. “I don’t know about President Biden, but I’d much rather have the world buy America’s clean natural gas over gas anywhere else. LNG can be a beacon of hope, where many countries no longer produce their own fossil fuels due to the Net Zero agenda. Our energy strategy should be to increase production of our domestic fossil fuels and export that reliable energy to our allies across the globe.”


    Read the letter here