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E-File Gas Services (EDI)

The term E-File refers to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and means sending reports to the Commission by computer mediums instead of by paper. E-File/EDI reduces your cost to prepare and send reports and also reduces the cost to the State in processing the reports.

E-File System - A system for qualified utility companies to electronically filing GSD-1, GSD-2, TAR-1, TAR-2, TAR-3, TAR-4, TAR-5, TAR-6, TAR-7, TAR-8, TAR-9, and TAR-10 forms with the Commission electronically. Here you will find general instructions for utilizing the Electronic Filing (E-File) System, including information on how to establish a user account and to log-on to the system, to test or upload files over the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Questions and answers about the various electronic filing mediums available and requirements for electronic filing.

Software Vendor List - Vendors who offer a variety of software for electronic filing of oil and gas forms.

Tariff Filing Publication "Filing Procedures For Utilities Using Electronic Media" - (pdf format) - The manual includes information concerning authorization requirements, detailed instructions for filing electronically using various mediums and record layouts for the forms that can be filed electronically.

Comments or questions should be sent to:edigs@rrc.state.tx.us