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The Interim Guidance for Hazardous Waste (Statewide Rule 98) Manual

Table of Contents

The Interim Guidance Statewide Rule 98 manual is provided to you in individual Adobe Acrobat files, in its entirety and as a downloadable ".exe" file. Most of the Adobe files contain bookmarks for ease in navigation. To view the bookmarks click on the show/hide navigation pane.

Note: All files are available in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 format unless otherwise designated. You may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at


INTERIM GUIDANCE STATEWIDE RULE 98 ( File is compressed using WinZip in a executable format.-936KB) 




CHAPTER 1 (144 KB)

  • Introduction
  • About This Guidance Document
  • The Purpose of Rule 98
  • Delegation of RCRA Authority
  • What This Guidance Document Provides
  • Permits for Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal
  • Waste Minimization

CHAPTER 2 (234 KB)

  • Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste Determination
  • Rule 98 Requirement
  • Oil and Gas Waste and the E&P Exemption
  • Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
  • Mixing Exempt and Nonexempt Wastes
  • Derived From and Contained-In Rules
  • Oil and Gas Wastes Excluded From Regulation or Subject to Reduced Regulation Under Rule 98
  • Additional Guidance Regarding Drums and Containers

CHAPTER 3 (120 KB)

  • Generator Classification and Accumulation Time
  • Generation Site
  • Hazardous Oil and Gas Generator Classifications
  • Accumulation in Containers at the Point of Generation
  • 30-Day Extension of Accumulation Time for LQGs and SQGs
  • One-Time Shipments of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
  • Episodic Generation

CHAPTER 4 (106 KB)

  • Notification and EPA ID Numbers
  • Who Must Notify?
  • How Do You Notify?
  • One-Time Shipments
  • EPA Identification Numbers
  • Subsequent Notifications

CHAPTER 5 (306 KB)

  • Standards for Management of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
  • Introduction
  • Standards for Management of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste by CESQGs
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Preparedness and Prevention
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Personnel Training
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Standards for Use of Containers
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Standards for Use of Tank Systems
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Organic Air Emissions Standards for Tanks and Containers
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Disposition of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Land Disposal Restrictions
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Use of Manifests
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Pre-Transportation Requirements; Packaging, Labeling, Marketing and Placarding
  • LQG and SQG Management Standards: Recordkeeping and Reporting


  • Discharges and Emergency Permits
  • Discharges
  • Emergency Permits for the Treatment, Storage, or Disposal of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste

CHAPTER 7 (109 KB)

  • LQG and SQG Fees
  • Base Fee
  • Base Fee Determination-Waste Volumes from Spills or Discharges
  • Additional Fee for Less Than 50% Recycling
  • Fee Payment

CHAPTER 8 (100 KB)

  • Standards Applicable to Transporters of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
  • Applicability
  • Permits and EPA ID Numbers
  • Transfer Facility Requirements
  • Manifest Requirements
  • SQG Exception from Manifest Requirements
  • Delivery of Waste
  • Recordkeeping
  • Additional Requirements Applicable to International Shipments


Appendix A - Statewide Rule 98 (T.A.C. Title 16, Part I, Chapter 3, Section 3.98) 
Appendix B -"Regulatory Determination For Oil and Gas and Geothermal Exploration, Development and Production Wastes" 53 Federal Register 25446-25459 (July 6, 1988) and "Clarification of the Regulatory Determination for Wastes From the Exploration, Development and Production of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Geothermal Energy" 58 Federal Register 15284-15287 (Mar. 22, 1993)
Appendix C - Listed and Characteristic Hazardous Wastes (40 CFR Part 261, Subparts C and D) 
Appendix D - Instructions for Requesting a 30-day Extension to Store Waste
Appendix E - One-Time Shipment Request
Appendix F - EPA Form 8700-12 and RRC Form H-20 With Instructions
Appendix G - Listing of the Federal Regulations Rule 98 Adopts by Reference
Appendix H - Rule 98 Requirements Chart
Appendix I - TCEQ Hazardous Waste Manifest
Appendix J- 40 CFR Part 265, Appendix V; Examples of Potentially Incompatible Waste
Appendix K- Application Instructions and Requirements for Obtaining an Emergency Permit
Appendix L- Definitions of Terms Used in the Hazardous Waste Regulations in the Code of Federal regulations

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