Capitol Complex Construction

If you are planning to visit the Railroad Commission’s Austin offices in the William B. Travis state office building, please be aware of changes to traffic patterns and the availability of metered parking in the area due to the Capitol Complex Construction project.  Click here for additional information.

Assessment and Remediation of Americium-241 Contamination

Assessment and remediation of americium-241 contamination at the former D&G Operating Co. Inc., Evans Well No. 1, Chambers County, Texas, was funded in part with qualified outer continental shelf oil and gas revenues by the Coastal Impact Assistance Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The purpose of this project was to abate the potential radiation threat posed to the State's coastal environment and its citizens from a ruptured radioactive logging source by excavating and removing contaminated material from the site and restoring the site to unrestricted use.

Project Location

Location Evans Well No. 1 Site, Winnie, Chambers County, Texas
Latitude/Longitude N 29.86317/ -94.37467

Project Costs

Total Project Cost $4,383,238.48
2007 CIAP Funds $1,397,050.00
2008 CIAP Funds $1,914,420.00
Texas Radiation and Perpetual Care Account (§401.305 Texas Safety Code) $400,000.00
RRC Oil Field Cleanup Code (§91.111 Texas Natural Resources Code) $671,768.40

Final Reports

Remediation Oversight Report for the D&G Operating Co., Inc., No. 1 Evans Unit Wellsite Near Winnie, Texas; Chesapeake Nuclear Services; August 2007 /media/1114/icon-pdf

Project Final Report for the Former D&G Operating Company’s Evans Unit No. 1 Wellsite located in Winnie, Texas; Duratek Energy Solutions, August 2007

Dose Analysis of Remediation of the Former D&G Operating Company’s Evans Well #1 Site Located in Winnie, Texas; Insepction Unit, Radiation Branch; Texas Department of State Health Services; October 2007

Site Maps and Photo Gallery

Area map  /media/1114/icon-pdf
Photos /media/1114/icon-pdf

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