Capitol Complex Construction

If you are planning to visit the Railroad Commission’s Austin offices in the William B. Travis state office building, please be aware of changes to traffic patterns and the availability of metered parking in the area due to the Capitol Complex Construction project.  Click here for additional information.

Texas Energy Reliability Council

The Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC) is made up of leaders from the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and members of the natural gas industry to ensure high priority, human needs are met in the event of necessary curtailment of gas distribution or supplies.  Under the RRC’s Curtailment Plan, gas utilities place the highest priority for gas availability and delivery on residences, hospital, schools, churches and other human needs customers.  TERC members meet regularly to foster communication and planning to ensure preparedness should curtailment be necessary.


Last Updated: 6/21/2018 1:43:06 PM