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Notices to Industry, Publications and Statewide Rules

New Production Filing Requirements Coming Soon<br>
File Your Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form Now!

Effective February 2005, the Railroad Commission (RRC) will implement a new Production Form (Form PR) and provide new options for filing production reports electronically through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or on-line over the Internet using a web browser.  You are encouraged to prepare for the reporting changes, and complete and submit the enclosed Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form now so that you will be able to utilize the new electronic filing options when they become available.    

New Production Report -Form PR

Effective with January 2005 production reporting and for any production report, including late or corrected reports, filed after close of business (5 PM central time) on February 11, 2005, the enclosed Form PR will be the approved version of the production reporting form.  Production Forms P-1 (Oil Production Report) and P-2 (Gas Production Report) should be used for production reporting until February 11, 2005 but will not be accepted after that date.  Production reports for January 2005 and any report filed after February 11, 2005 MUST be on the new Form PR or the filed report(s) will be returned to the operator.    Please note the following major reporting changes on Form PR

  • Information from the Form P-1 (oil production report) and Form P-2 (gas production report) has been combined on one form, Form PR.
  • The PR form is formatted to allow for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning of required data and should not be altered.
  • For gas well gas, you no longer need to convert the condensate production to a gas equivalent volume. The RRC will automatically convert the volume.
  •   You no longer need to report volumes for gas lift gas injected or recovered; the “Gas Lift Gas Injected” column has been removed from Form PR.
  • Reports without an assigned oil lease or gas well ID number must be reported using a drilling permit number or API number as the RRC identifier.
  • Commingled oil production will be reported in a different format. 

Please read the Instructions located on the back of Form PR for more in-depth detail about changes to production reporting using the new Form PR.

New Options for Electronic Filing of Production Reports

New options and requirements for filing production reports electronically in lieu of paper forms will be implemented effective with January 2005 production reporting and for any production report, <including late or corrected reports, filed after close of business (5 PM central time) on February 11, 2005.  Although paper reports (Form PR) will be accepted, all filers are encouraged to utilize one of the electronic filing options as follows:
  • On-line filing over the Internet using a web browser (New)
  • Electronic Data Interchange – CD and File Upload (Revised File Format and Expanded Capability)

The new on-line production reporting system will allow a filer to submit original, late, or corrected production reports from their desktop over the Internet using a web browser.  The system will accept reports for any month from January 1993 through the current production month.  The filer will be able to enter production data directly into the Commission’s on-line form and submit the information to the Commission for processing.  The filer will also be able to print a copy of the report for their files.

EDI filing will be streamlined and filing capability will be expanded.  EDI filers will submit production data in a new, easier delimited format by Compact Disc (CD) or File Upload.  The Commission will provide a mechanism that EDI filers can use if they wish to upload a test file to validate the file format is correct.   EDI filing capability will be expanded to accept the current month, and late and corrected production reports from January 1993 forward. 

Security Administrator Designation - SAD Form

Anyone desiring to file production reports electronically with the Commission must complete and submit to the Commission a SAD Form designating one or more security administrators. After receiving the SAD Form, the Commission will issue to each designated security administrator a User ID that will allow the security administrator to access and update the Commission's electronic filing security system. The security administrator will then be responsible for assigning additional User IDs and filing privileges to individuals within the company and for maintaining that security. A person will need a User ID to access the new on-line filing system or to file production reports through EDI.  For operators who already have a SAD Form on file with the Commission, it will not be necessary to resubmit a new form, but the designated security administrator(s) will need to update security privileges to allow electronic production reporting.

For more information about the new production reporting changes and electronic filing options, please visit the Railroad Commission website at www.rrc.state.tx.us. . If you have questions about the upcoming changes, contact the Production Unit of the Permitting/Production Section of the Railroad Commission at (512) 463-3905 or e-mail productionreporting-info@rrc.state.tx.us

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