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Notices to Industry, Publications and Statewide Rules

Revision of Filing Requirements for Form L-1

Statewide Rule 16, Log Completion or Plugging Report, provides that "Each log filed with the Commission shall be considered public information and shall be made available to the public…" Statewide Rule 16 also provides for confidentiality of logs by allowing operators to file a Form L-1, Electronic Log Status Report.

Effective February 1 2002, when a Form L-1is filed to request confidentiality, the well log header for the logs that are being held confidential will be required. Header information combined with the L-1 information will provide industry and the Commission with more complete records during the confidentiality period provided for in Statewide Rule 16. This revision also assists the Commission in preparation of log information and the collection of logs after the confidentiality period expires.

For further information concerning Statewide Rule 16, logs, or the Form L-1 filing requirements, please contact the Engineering Unit of the Permitting/Production Section of the Railroad Commission at (512) 463-6703.

Austin, Texas

January 2002