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The Railroad Commission of Texas Information Technology Services Division (ITS) is pleased to announce the availability of its Digital Map Data in two new ArcInfo formats. The following information outlines the new format criteria, general data category descriptions and output media.


.SHP ArcView Shape Files

The digital files in this format can be used directly with ArcView and can be imported into ArcInfo. This format is compatible with many other GIS software products.

.E00 (E-Zero Zero) ArcInfo Interchange File

The digital files in this format can be used to move or exchange the data to other ArcInfo sites. It may be compatible with other GIS software.

The original RRC ASCII format will no longer be available with the implementation of these new formats.

DATA CATEGORIES: Wells, Surveys, Basemap & Pipelines

OUTPUT MEDIA: CD (Compact Disk), FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The digital data was generated from the Geographic Information System of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Base map information was obtained directly from U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 minute quadrangle maps. Patent Survey lines from Texas General Land Office maps were interpreted as accurately as possible over the U.S. Geological Survey base. Oil and gas well data or pipeline data (if included) was obtained from public records at the Railroad Commission. The information provided by this system is being continually updated and refined. The data is intended solely for the internal use of the Railroad Commission, which makes no claim as to its accuracy or completeness.

For ordering procedures and pricing information, please contact the ITS Division’s Open Records Representatives at (512) 463-7254 or (512) 463-7186.

Austin, Texas
February 2000