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Notices to Industry, Publications and Statewide Rules

Statewide Rule 28

Potential and Deliverability of Gas Wells to be Ascertained and Reported

 As a part of the Commission’s ongoing Regulatory Reform Initiative to simplify required filings, operators are reminded of the provisions of Statewide Rule 28(a) regarding testing to determine the absolute open flow (AOF) potential of a gas well. The current rule provides operators with a choice to utilize the most cost effective testing procedure available:

"An operator, at his option, may determine absolute open flow potential from a stabilized one-point test. For a one-point test, the well shall be flowed on a single choke setting until a stabilized flow is achieved, but not less than 72 hours."

Statewide Rule 28 also requires an initial 72-hour deliverability test be conducted not later than ten days after the start of production. When a 72-hour one-point back pressure test is conducted on a well connected to a sales line, the same test may be used to determine the initial deliverability thus eliminating the need for two separate tests and reducing testing costs. The flow rate during the final 24 hours of the 72-hour test period should be reported on Forms G-1 and G-10 to be used for allowable and allocation purposes.

For questions concerning a 72 hour stabilized one point test, please contact the Proration Unit at (512) 463-6742.

Austin, Texas August 1999