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Notices to Industry, Publications and Statewide Rules

New Field Discoveries and Confidentiality of Electric Logs

According to Statewide Rule 16, Log and Completion or Plugging Report, all operators must choose one of two options if a basic electric log has been run on any newly completed or plugged well:

  • File a legible, unaltered final copy of the electric log with the completion report or plugging report within 30 days after the well is completed or plugged. Any log filed with the Commission is considered public information.

  • File a request for one year’s confidentiality of the electric log with the log being kept in the operator’s possession. This delay in filing may be extended upon a request made prior to the end of the year of confidentiality.

However, Statewide Rule 41, Application for New Oil or Gas Field Designation and/or Allowable, requires that a new field application include evidence proving that the well is a discovery. Rule 41(a)(2) states that the filing of a complete, legible electric log of the well is not necessary provided that all other required data is submitted and satisfactorily proves discovery as a new reservoir. Any electric log that is filed with the application will be considered public information pursuant to Statewide Rule 16.

Rather than filing the complete electric log with the new field discovery application, the operator may, instead, file at least one curve (SP or gamma ray) from a log section, showing the entire proposed designated interval. The headings and bottom of the log also need to be filed. In this way, the remainder log can be kept confidential under the second Statewide Rule 16 option above. Only in some cases, after reviewing all filed documentation, will the operator be notified that the full electric log is required as evidence of a new field.

If you have questions regarding requests for confidentiality, contact the Oil and Gas Division’s Information Management Services — Records Retention at 512-463-6751. If you have questions regarding new field designations, contact the Division’s Permitting and Production Services — Engineering at 512-463-6701.

Austin, Texas
March 1998