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Drilling Permits Online Filing User's Guide

Chapter 1

1.1 Filing

The RRC Online Drilling Permits System allows Operators and third party filers to file for new or amended drilling permits if the required Security Administrator (SAD) paperwork is on file with the Commission.

This online system also allows you to duplicate an existing permit to minimize the data entry required. You must have the original permit's status number or permit number.

You can also amend a drilling permit that has already been approved by entering the permit number or status number of the permit you wish to amend. If you are not sure of the permit number, you may use the online Permit Query to find it. When you amend an existing permit, attachments from the original filing, such as plats, are not attached to the new amended filing, and therefore, must be attached again. New fees apply to the amended filing.

Be sure that amending an existing permit is the correct action to take. If the well has been completed under another permit, a new Recompletion permit is the correct filing. To file a recompletion permit, use the New W-1 option, selecting Recompletion for the purpose of filing.

1.2 Fees

The system also calculates fees based on the total drilling depth. There are other fees that can be applied to the permit application:

  • Permit applications with exceptions to Statewide Rules require an additional $200.00 fee.
  • An additional $150.00 fee is required for permit applications that require expedited handling.

Permit applications without the required payment are not processed.

1.3 Searches (Queries)

The online system also has a query function. You can search for permit applications that have been approved or those in the process of being approved. You can also search for permits that were withdrawn, dismissed, denied, as well as other status conditions. You can search for a permit or permit application by permit number, depth, date, county, district, and filing purpose. The Public has full access to the “Public Query” function. No security log on is required.

1.4 Online Filing Features

Each online page contains common elements:

  • System login
  • Main Menu selection
  • Summary permit application header information
  • Navigation tabs
  • Message area
  • Permit application filing status

These elements are described in the following sections.

1.4.1 System Login

You must first login to the RRC Online System.



    Step 1. Enter your user ID that was assigned by your company’s designated Security Administrator.
    Step 2. Enter your password.
    Step 3. Click the submit button. The system displays the RRC Online System Welcome page.

    Drilling Permits

    Step 4. Select the Drilling Permits (W-1) option from the Welcome page’s menu. The system displays the Drilling Permits Main Menu.

1.4.2 Main Menu Selection

Main Menu

The Main Menu contains all of the links to the pages that allow you to apply for a drilling permit, amend a drilling permit, query permits, and query fields.

1.4.3 Summary Permit Application Header Information

The first page to be completed in the online drilling permit application process is the General Information page. After this page is completed and saved, a header displays at the top of the page containing Operator name and number, the status of the permit, date created, lease name, well number, district, county, purpose of filing, and wellbore profile.


This header is also displayed on all subsequent pages completed after the General Information is saved.

1.4.4 Tabs

The tabs at the top of each page provide navigation to the other pages required for the drilling permit application process. Each of the update pages have a Save button. Certain tabs are not made available until specific pages have been completed and saved. When you begin a new permit application on the General Information page, that tab is the only one available. After you save that page, the Field List, Attachment, Comments, and Review tabs are displayed. More tabs are revealed as pages are completed and saved. The image below shows all of the tabs in the permit application.


Click a tab to open the corresponding page.

1.4.5 Message Area

When you click the Save button on a page to save the data you have entered, error messages may be displayed at the top identifying any data entry errors or missing items.


“Save Successful” means that the data that was entered was saved by the system. There still may be missing data, however.

If this symbol invalid appears next to an item on the page, it means that information is incomplete or invalid. Enter the missing data and/or correct data and click the Save button again.

When you access some pages, the message area may contain information about what is required to complete that particular page. For instance, using the information already saved for the permit application, the system determines what attachments are required for that particular permit and lists them in the message area of the Attachment page.

1.4.6 Permit Application Status

From the time you create your W-1 application in the online system until it is error-free and submitted, it has a status of "work in progress." When you submit the permit, the status changes to "pending approval." After the permit proceeds through the approval process without error, it has a status of "approved." Your permit can remain a "work in progress" for 30 days. If the permit is not completed and submitted within 30 days, it is removed from the Work in Progress list. This means that it is deleted and no longer available. The following are definitions of possible statuses for your “Existing W-1” permit applications in the online system:

    1. Work in Progress – The W-1 application has not yet been submitted to the RRC, but is being worked on by the Operator. The permit application is in “work in progress” status until it is error free and submitted. When filing electronically – WORK IN PROGRESS PERMIT APPLICATIONS ARE ONLY VIEWABLE BY THE OPERATOR WHO IS SUBMITTING/WORKING THE PERMIT.

    2. Pending Approval – The status of the W-1 application is pending approval by the RRC. As soon as the permit application has been successfully submitted, the status changes to “pending approval”.

    3. Approved – The W-1 application has been approved by the RRC. The Operator now has a valid Drilling Permit.

One of the search criteria for the Public Query (see Section 3.1) is Status. Statuses besides Work-in-Progress, Pending Approval, and Approved are:

    4. Cancelled – The W-1 application is automatically cancelled if the spud date is not entered after 2 years or if the applicant requests it.

    5. Closed – The W-1 application is closed by Oil and Gas docket services per RRC commission order.

    6. Deleted – The W-1 application is given a deleted status if it is originally submitted incorrectly.

    7. Denied – The W-1 application is denied by Oil and Gas docket services per RRC commission order.

    8. Dismissed – The W-1 I application is dismissed after 90 days if it has not been completed correctly.

    9. Withdrawn – The W-1 application is withdrawn per request by the Operator.

    10. Other – A status not covered by the standard codes.

    11. Work-in-Progress – The permits available through the Public Query in this status represent “Mailed In” permits only. Electronically filed permits are only available to the Operators that are submitting them.

The current status of the permit application is displayed in the header area at the top of each page.



Last Updated: 06/12/08