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Gas Utility Dockets, Gas Utility Annual Reports, T-4 Pipeline Permits, P-17 Commingling Reports

Gas Utility Dockets

Closed Gas Utilities Dockets can be found by key fields or full text and includes docket number or applicant name for records from 1920 to present. (Note: Not all Gas Utilities Docket files will be available for viewing at this time)

How to search for Gas Utilities Dockets online

If you have any questions or comments concerning the Gas Utilities Dockets, please call 512-463-7163.

Gas Utility Annual Reports

Investor Owned Intrastate Gas Utility Annual Reports reflect financial information for each calendar year, to include Reconciliation of Gas Utility Tax,  Sales, Purchases and Transport For A Fee Revenue.  Distribution Annual Reports will include the same along with Operations by Entire Company and Individual Towns or Locations.

Earliest available online reports are calendar year 2004.  Subsequent Annual Reports will be updated periodically.

  • Distribution Annual Report
  • Transmission Annual Report
  • Gathering Annual Report

How to Search Gas Utility Annual Reports Online

Click on this link to begin your search: http://rrcsearch3.neubus.com (All files are in PDF format)

  • At the KEY FIELD SEARCH screen, to the right of PROFILE SELECTED:  use the drop down menu to select GAS SERVICES AUDIT ANNUAL REPORTS.
  • There are three FIELD criteria that can be used to search for a desired file.  Key in what you are looking for in the appropriate VALUE box.  Click SUBMIT.
  • To search by COMPANY ID – If you know the Gas Utility Company ID, key it in, then enter the year you are searching for in the “YEAR” search box below, or you may leave the “YEAR” blank and each year provided for this company will appear.  Click SUBMIT.
  • To search by COMPANY NAME – Key in the company name, then enter the year you are searching for in the “YEAR” search box below, or you may leave the “YEAR” blank and each year provided for this company will appear.  Click SUBMIT
  • To search by YEAR – Key in the YEAR, then click SUBMIT.  This will allow you to search through the entire alphabet for the year you are searching.
T-4 Pipeline Permits Online

Pipeline operators in Texas are required by 16 TAC §3.70 to have a valid permit to legally operate their lines if they leave any tract of land that the operator controls (this control can either be by ownership or by lease agreement). Permits are acquired by submitting form T-4, a valid map, and a brief cover letter explaining what is taking place. The permit issued to the operator is also called a T-4A. Permits must be amended whenever changes take place (also can be done with a form T-4 and maps) and if no changes are made, need to be renewed annually with a form T-4C. There are currently about 8600 permits, but only about half are active. Online Permit files are updated approximately monthly. Click on the heading of this paragraph to view the files on line. 

If you have any questions concerning the search for T-4 Pipeline Permits, please call:

Lori Mireles at 512-463-7032

Brent Mosby at 512-463-6519

Kristi Schulz at 512-463-7090

P-17 Commingling Permits

Search online for Commingling Permits by selecting P-17 from the profile dropdown box. Enter any applicable information, and when list appears, click on Commingling Permit number column.