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Data & Statistics

This section of the RRC web site provides a complete listing of all of the data and statistics available online in the Commission. To see a listing of the web pages under each topic, please click on the + next to each topic.


Information concerning drilling & plugging activities, blowouts and drilling permits.

Gas Storage

Links displays current and former gas storage statistics.

Natural Gas Services

Information concernings gas tariffs, petrofacts, storage statistics, annual statistics, and other vital statistics.

Online Research (Queries)

Information that will allow the users to research production, drilling permits, well records, drilling permits, gas utilities and other related queries

Texas Petrofacts

A Monthly Data Review from the Railroad Commission of Texas

Propane, Liquefied Gas, Compressed Gas

Information concerning proposed LNG facilities, LP-gas installations & repairs, accident reports, truck decals & fees and LPG safety inspections.

RRC Data Sets Available for Purchase

RRC public information available for purchase.