Convenience Fee Charges for Online ACH Payments Reduced


Effective December 1, the convenience fee charge for electronic check (ACH) payments made online via the RRC Online System and for fee payments, surcharges and registrations is reduced to 25 cents from $1.

The new convenience fee charge will automatically be reflected in total amounts for Railroad Commisison of Texas (RRC) fee payments, surcharges and registrations including:

  •          Drilling permit applications;
  •          Groundwater protection determination requests and Statewide Rule 13 exceptions;
  •          Alternative Fuels company licensing, individual certifications and compliance forms;
  •          Oil & Gas Division workshops, conferences, and other event registrations; and
  •          Renewal of the Form P-5, Organization Report.

Credit card payments will continue to have the convenience fee of 2.25% of the RRC Amount + 26 cents added.   

If there are any questions about the new convenience fee charges, email the RRC at